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  • 5 Festive Teas to Pair with Holiday Dinners
  • Amy Covey
  • Brewing TeaTasting TeaTea Varieties
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5 Festive Teas to Pair with Holiday Dinners

5 Festive Teas to Pair with Holiday Dinners

For most of us, holiday festivities are all about the food, but those who love tea know that the right brew can enhance any flavor experience. Whether you need a dose of caffeine to power a long day of cooking, want to find the right pairing for rich flavors, or need something to help digest all those delicious delicacies, these five teas have you covered.

Fuel the Cooking Frenzy with Green Tea

Spring Mao Feng has bright, refreshing flavor and high caffeine

Spring harvest green teas like Spring Mao Feng are made of only tender young leaf buds, which contain high levels of caffeine to ward off insects during this vulnerable stage of growth. Brew in gong fu style to squeeze short infusions between cooking steps and have a quick cup whenever you need one, or prepare a cold brew in the fridge the night before to cool off in a hot kitchen.

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Sip a Roasted Oolong Tea Between Bites

Amber Wuyi leaves are charcoal roasted for full bodied flavor that's never bitter

Rich foods pair best with bold flavor without bitterness. Enjoy a heavily roasted oolong tea like Amber Wuyi at the table for the perfect complement to holiday fare. Use a large teapot and brew this tea western style to make enough for everyone, and rest assured that it will still taste good when you go back for seconds.

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Savor Naturally Sweet Black Tea for Dessert

Formosa Red, Mi Xiang teas are a natural choice to accompany or replace dessert.

Mi Xiang leaves from Taiwan are known for their natural honey fragrance, so if you’re too full for a slice of pie, a black tea like Formosa Red #20, Mi Xiang might satisfy your sweet tooth. Then again, the bright, crisp flavor is also a perfect complement to a creamy dessert, so maybe just a little slice…

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Digest After Dinner with Fermented Pu-erh Tea

pu-erh teas like Imperial Pu-erh, 2012 are naturally digestive thanks to microbial activity

Another easy-brewing option for full bodied flavor without bitterness is well aged pu-erh tea, which will also aid digestion thanks to the unique process of fermentation that gives it such a characteristic dark color. Traditionally served with greasy food like dim sum, teas like Imperial Pu-erh 2012 are naturally bold, smooth, and infinitely versatile: the perfect after-dinner digestif.

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Finish Off with a Non-Caffeinated Herbal Nightcap

Peppermint Lavender is great for settling the stomach, and contains no caffeine</p>

Combat the food coma with a refreshing herbal tea like our Peppermint Lavender, which combines bright, minty flavor with the mellow, relaxing aroma of lavender flowers. Since this tisane is naturally non-caffeinated, it will fuel late-night fun without sacrificing a good night’s sleep. Fill your own tea bags (or try our bagged Peppermint Rose instead) so everyone can cozy up with their own cup.

Learn more about herbal tisanes with Alice in this video:


What teas are you serving this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Amy Covey
  • Brewing TeaTasting TeaTea Varieties

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