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Cold Brew Tea

Though not traditional in most parts of the world, we love to cold brew our teas when the weather gets warm. This is an easy process, done by simply adding the tea leaves to cold water and leaving them to steep overnight in the fridge. The resulting flavor is always the sweetest, purest version of your chosen tea, with no heat to draw out bitter tannin acids or distract your palate.

While any tea can be brewed in this manner, we've chosen our favorite to brew iced and pre-packed them into easy to use tea bags, each of which will brew two liters of iced tea.

  • Cold Brew Iced Tea Starter Kit
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    Want to ditch the bottled beverages and brew your own iced tea? Get started with this sampler of our favorites! This kit includes everything you need to start cold brewing your own iced tea. You'll receive a 2-quart BPA-free Takeya pitcher (suitable for hot or cold liquids), three large tea bags of 10 grams each (packaged specifically for cold brewing), and detailed instructions for how to get started. The teas selected in this set are: Mi Lan Xiang (Honey... →

  • Cold Brew Lishan, 2021
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    Our new 2021 batch of Cold Brew Lishan is here, with a deeper, slightly nuttier profile compared to past vintages. Harvested at over 2200 meters above sea level in Taiwan, slow growth and skilled craftsmanship makes Lishan a perennial favorite. Packaged in large 10g bags designed specifically for cold brewing, our Cold Brew Lishan offers a floral aroma with notes of citrus, underpinned by a creamy texture and nutty finish that lingers on the palate. The starter... →

  • Cold Brew Light Roast Formosa Oolong
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    Our light roast oolong was gathered in an area outside Lugu, Nantou County. We source exclusively spring harvested leaves for their fragrance and mouth feel. The tea is then lightly oxidized to accentuate its fresh orchid and gardenia notes. The starter pack includes one airtight red canister and 5 iced tea bags (10g/ea.) of Light Roast Formosa Oolong, pre-packed specifically for cold brewing. The refill pack includes 10 iced tea bags (10g/ea.) of Light Roast Formosa Oolong,... →

  • Cold Brew Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid)
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    Mi Lan Xiang is our most popular Phoenix Oolong.  We usually see raised eyebrows from those trying this tea for the first time, followed with that inevitable question, is this tea flavored?  It’s not, but the tea alone is remarkably flavorful.  It is also a very serious tea, descended from a long line of Phoenix Shui Xian tea trees all bearing the unique honeyed aroma and flavor. In English, Mi Lan Xiang means "Honey Orchid... →

  • Cold Brew Amber Wuyi
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    Tea of the Month, June 2021. Receive a complimentary cold brew bag of Cold Brew Amber Wuyi when you add the "Sample (1 Infuser Bag)" size to your $50+ cart. Crafted from the popular Shui Xian variety, our Amber Wuyi is roasted in the traditional style over longan fruit wood. Packaged in large 10g bags designed specifically for cold brewing, our Cold Brew Amber Wuyi offers a balance of burnt caramel and dried fruit notes with... →

  • Cold Brew Golden Monkey, First Pick
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    Our Golden Monkey, First Pick comes from a tea garden on Jiulong Hill, in the eastern part of the Wuyi Mountain range. The area sees abundant rainfall, the climate is moist, the environment pure and the resulting tea leaves and its craftsmanship, exquisite. Picked in mid-March, it is the first harvest of the season, produced from leaves of the Fu’an Da Bai, Fuyun and Zhenghe Da Bai varietals. Only the top buds with one or... →

  • Assam Milk Tea
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    Delicious enjoyed on its own, or as a base for milk tea, our Assam Milk Tea bags are crafted from Sun Moon Lake Assam black tea, and yield a delicious brew with notes of honey, stonefruit, and smooth vanilla. Enjoy hot or cold. Note: This tea does NOT contain milk, however its naturally smooth flavor makes it perfect as a base for Taiwanese-style milk tea. For the most authentic taste, we recommend sweetening with our Taiwanese Winter Melon Sugar.... →