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Tea Bags

These bagged teas and tisanes come from the same sources as our premium loose leaf varieties, and are carefully selected for ease of brewing. Select from our RBT line for hot brewing, or explore our range of pre-packed cold brew tea bags.

  • Tea Sachets
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    Tea Sachets


    Our packable Tea Sachets make it easy to enjoy your favorite whole leaf teas with all the convenience of a tea bag. Crafted from a premium, plant-based material, our Tea Sachets won't alter the taste of your tea and they're even compostable after use! To...

  • Rejuvenate Herbal Tea
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    A captivating medley of Chrysanthemum Buds, Goji Berries, and Winter Melon Sugar, this refreshing infusion is inspired by a traditional summertime herbal tea often enjoyed in China. Originally formulated for the world-renowned Opus One Winery in California's Napa Valley, our Rejuvenate blend offers a crisp, floral taste with a mellow finish and a hint of sweetness. This caffeine-free brew is expertly blended into convenient sachets to ensure the optimal balance of flavor every time. Simply add one sachet to a 20oz teapot of 180°F water, brew for...

  • Formosa Tea Bag Collection
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    This gift box contains two boxes of RBT Tea Bags, each containing 20 individual servings of single-origin Taiwanese tea. The collection includes: Jade Formosa - a lightly oxidized oolong tea grown at elevation for creamy flavor and natural floral notes. Formosa Assam - classic black tea flavor from Indian Assam plants, with natural notes of citrus and honey thanks to temperate terroir.

  • Cold Brew Starter Kit
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    Bid adieu to bottled iced tea and say hello to artisanal cold brew with our Cold Brew Starter Kit! Included is everything you need to start cold brewing your own iced tea. You'll receive a 2-quart BPA-free Takeya pitcher (suitable for hot or cold liquids), four large cold brew tea bags (10g each), and detailed instructions for how to get started. The teas selected in this set are (1 x 10g sachet each): Cold Brew Spring Jasmine Cold Brew Honey Orchid Cold Brew Roasted Oolong Cold Brew...

  • Peppermint Rose Tea Bags
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    This elegant slate canister contains 18 teabags, sourced from the same small growers as our premium looseleaf tea, and packed exclusively for us. One of our more popular herbals, Peppermint Rose is a very simple blend of peppermint leaves and rose petals. The inspiration came from mint teas from Morocco that are sometimes served with a few drops of rose water.

  • RBT Jade Formosa Tea Bags
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    This silver gift box contains 20 individually sealed tea bags. This classic oolong tea is grown in the mountains of Taiwan, where foggy afternoons limit sun exposure and encourage the development of complex flavor notes. The naturally creamy finish of this tea is enhanced with light oxidation and minimal roasting to bring a naturally floral flavor to the foreground.

  • RBT Formosa Assam Tea Bags
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    This silver gift box contains 20 individually sealed tea bags. Our Formosa Assam tea comes from the Sun Moon Lake region in Taiwan, where Assam tea plants were first transplanted by the Japanese in the early 20th century. Today the Taiwanese black teas that have been developed here are famed for their balanced flavor, which is full bodied but never bitter, with natural flavor notes of citrus and honey.

  • Cold Brew Spring Jasmine
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    Cold Brew Spring Jasmine is the perfect refreshment, with an enchantingly crisp and floral taste. This classic jasmine tea is cultivated along the rugged northern coast of Fujian Province and scented with natural summer jasmine blossoms for several days. The resulting tea offers a refined jasmine flavor with a pleasantly bright finish. Each pack includes 10 cold brew sachets (10g/ea.) of Spring Jasmine, enough to brew 20 quarts of iced tea. *Glass Infuser Cup not included.

  • Cold Brew Green Oolong
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    Cold Brew Green Oolong is crisp, floral, and wonderfully refreshing. Cultivated in the mountains of Taiwan, this oolong tea is harvested in the spring lightly oxidized, preserving the naturally bright flavor of the leaves. Each pack includes 10 cold brew sachets (10g/ea.) of Green Oolong, enough to brew 20 quarts of iced tea. *Glass Infuser Cup not included.

  • Cold Brew Osmanthus Oolong
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    Cold Brew Osmanthus Oolong is fruity, tropical, and wonderfully refreshing. Blended from high elevation Taiwanese oolong tea leaves and whole osmanthus flowers, this delicious cold brew is one of our favorite ways to beat the heat. Plus, with its naturally uplifting flavor, there's no need for artificial flavorings or sweeteners, making it a healthy replacement for sodas and sugary beverages — that's a win-win in our books! Each pack includes 10 cold brew sachets (10g/ea.) of Cold...

  • Cold Brew Honey Orchid
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    It's easy to see why Cold Brew Honey Orchid is our most popular iced tea. Grown in the Phoenix Mountains, this premium oolong makes a breathtakingly bright, tropical, and fruity cold brew, all without any added flavorings. The result is wonderfully refreshing, offering notes of lychee and honey with a crisp, floral finish. Each pack includes 10 cold brew sachets (10g/ea.) of Honey Orchid, enough to brew 20 quarts of iced tea. *Glass Infuser Cup not included.

  • Cold Brew Roasted Oolong
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    Cold Brew Roasted Oolong offers a deep, rich, and surprisingly refreshing iced tea. This premium oolong is crafted in the Wuyi Mountains and roasted the traditional way over longan fruitwood, giving it a natural taste like burnt caramel, dried fruit, and whiskey casks. Each pack includes 10 cold brew sachets (10g/ea.) of Roasted Oolong, enough to brew 20 quarts of iced tea. *Glass Infuser Cup not included.

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