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Herbal Tisanes

Naturally non-caffeinated and versatile to brew, these leaves and flowers are not from the Camellia sinensis species, and are not true teas. Still, freshness and quality make a difference in the flavor, and our naturally grown herbs and blends certainly pack a punch.

  • Tisane Collection
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    The Tisane Collection is a specially curated tasting set representing our range of caffeine-free herbal infusions. Included in the Tisane Collection are four 1-ounce bags of various tisanes, from modern blends to unique traditional herbs. Also included is an informational card listing the varietals, regions, and tasting notes, along with an educational video to watch as you brew! The collection is packaged in our iconic silver gift box with a red bow. We periodically update the selection included in...

  • Rejuvenate Herbal Tea
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    A captivating medley of Chrysanthemum Buds, Goji Berries, and Winter Melon Sugar, this refreshing infusion is inspired by a traditional summertime herbal tea often enjoyed in China. Originally formulated for the world-renowned Opus One Winery in California's Napa Valley, our Rejuvenate blend offers a crisp, floral taste with a mellow finish and a hint of sweetness. This caffeine-free brew is expertly blended into convenient sachets to ensure the optimal balance of flavor every time. Simply add one sachet to a 20oz teapot of 180°F water, brew for...

  • Osmanthus Flowers
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    漢字   桂花

    flavor notes   tropical, honey, mango

    A staple of traditional Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine (used in everything from savory dishes to desserts and tea blends), Osmanthus Flowers offer a stunningly captivating aroma of honey and tropical fruit that one must experience to understand. Our Osmanthus Flowers are cultivated in southern China's Guangdong Province and make a...

  • Peppermint Rose
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    漢字 薄荷玫瑰

    flavor notes peppermint, rose

    One of our more popular herbals, Peppermint Rose is a very simple blend of peppermint leaves and rose petals. The inspiration came from mint teas from Morocco that are sometimes served with a few drops of rose water.

  • Peppermint Lavender
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    漢字 薄荷薰衣草

    flavor notes peppermint, lavender

    Peppermint Lavender is a simple blend of peppermint leaves and lavender flowers. Bold mint flavor balanced with the delicate floral aroma make a captivating cup or the perfect complement to a sweet treat.

  • Caffeine-free Chai
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    漢字 印度肉桂茶

    flavor notes cinnamon, cardamom, spice

    An Indian spice tea made without tea. Simply orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, pepper & cloves. Our Chai Caffeine-Free makes a highly aromatic and delicious tea when combined with milk and honey. We've also used the spices for other things - hot chocolate or apple and pumpkin pie comes to...

  • Ginger Lemongrass
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    漢字 姜檸檬草

    flavor notes ginger, lemongrass

    A blend of spicy ginger balanced with crisp lemongrass, for an herbal tea that is refreshing and sweet - with a bit of zing.

  • Chrysanthemum Buds
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    漢字   胎菊

    flavor notes   herbaceous, sweet, crisp

    Our chrysanthemum buds are the first harvest from Zheijang province. A distant relative of chamomile, these yellow buds have a cleaner and and a more honey-like finish than their later harvest blossoms. Bright and delicate, this is the perfect herbal tea to drink just before bedtime.

  • Chamomile Flowers
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    漢字   洋甘菊

    flavor notes   mellow, herbaceous, smooth

    A daisy-like flower that brews a mild, honey-like infusion. Chamomile is often used to combat anxiety and sleeplessness. We think it blends well with later harvest green teas, by taking away the astringent, bitter edge.

  • Rose Buds
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    Rose Buds


    漢字 玫瑰

    flavor notes floral, sweet, crisp

    Whole, closed wild rose buds. A more delicate flavor than mature flowers, with natural sweetness and a fragrant aroma. If desired, rose buds blend well with most green, white and black teas.

  • Jasmine Flowers
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    漢字   茉莉花

    flavor notes   jasmine, biscuity, mellow 

    Traditionally used to scent tea leaves in the production of classic jasmine tea, unblended Jasmine Flowers can also be enjoyed on their own as an elegant and naturally caffeine-free herbal tisane. We recommend trying Jasmine Flowers plain first, but these delicate blossoms can also be combined with other herbs, teas, cocktails, and more to create delicious blends. Please note...

  • Butterfly Pea Flowers
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    漢字   蝶豆花

    flavor notes   earthy, nutty, mellow

    Used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia as an herbal tisane and natural food dye, Butterfly Pea Flower has recently exploded in global popularity for its brilliant blue color when brewed. What's more, the natural pigment in the flowers is pH-sensitive and will turn magenta with the introduction of acids like lemon juice. Butterfly...

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