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No matter how you brew your tea, the method can make a world of difference in the flavor. While we always use traditional brewing methods to check the quality of our teas, we realize that there are as many ways to brew as there are tea drinkers, and encourage experimentation in developing your personal tea ritual.

  • Side view: Master Yixing, Style 527
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    The decorative ridges adorning this teapot and carefully burnished surface are evidence of it's superior craftsmanship. The wide, round shape makes this pot perfect for oolongs with rolled leaves or flat pieces of pressed pu-erh cakes.

    Each summer we travel to Jiangsu - the province...

  • Master Yixing, Style 522
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    Made from rare zisha clay in an exaggerated pear shape, this pot is highly burnished on the outside, while the interior is left with a natural texture. The porosity of this pot will round and soften the sharpness of charcoal roasted oolongs, while accentuating the tea's floral qualities.


  • White Tea Dish
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    A simple and beautifully shaped vessel for holding your tea leaves. We use it at the shop as a presentation dish to show the tea before brewing. For gong fu cha, the tea dish is an elegant intermediary between a canister of tea and the...

  • Jingdezhen Gaiwan, Crimson
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    A beautiful, festive gaiwan, newly commissioned for 2016. Functional details are modeled on our popular white gaiwans, with a set-in center to the saucer and a well fitted lid to avoid slipping in the hand. The body of the gaiwan is made of fine, pure-white...

  • Ru Kiln Lotus Bowl
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    A stunning replica of one of the most famous pieces from the Song Dyanasty Imperial Ru Kilns, this lotus-shaped incense bowl is handcrafted from light clay and glazed with Taiwanese master ceramicist Xu De Jia's hallmark Ru-style celadon. Commissioned in 2019, the bowl comes with a...

  • Master Yixing, Style 521
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    Made of dark clay in a traditional 'stone ladle' shape. The wide base of this pot allows plenty of room for rolled or twisted leaves to expand, while the opening remains wide enough to accommodate even large tea leaves.

    Each summer we travel to Jiangsu -...

  • Master Yixing, Style 523
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    This pot, made of dark clay, is designed in the shape of a squash, with subtle leaf and branch details surrounding the lid and spout. With a wide body and burnished exterior, this pot is suited to a wide range of teas.

    Each summer we travel...

  • Master Yixing, Style 530
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    A unique double-barreled gourd shape in burnished red clay. The tall body of this pot combined with the rounded gourd form makes it a versatile pot that will allow any tea room to expand, but the high density clay will particularly suit aromatic oolongs.

    Each summer...

  • Master Yixing, Style 531
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    A broad-bodied pot with a wide lid that makes it easy to load and clean. The sturdy form of this pot is accented by bamboo details on the body, lid, spout and handle. Perfect for a variety of teas, but we this this pot would work...

  • Master Yixing, Style 533
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    A large, flat pot in dark red clay, perfect for serving a group or pouring a big mug. The broad shape of this teapot would make it ideal for pressed tea leaves like pu-erhs, or for long, twisted oolongs or black teas. Bamboo details add...

  • Turquoise Sky Yunomi Tea Cup
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    Large tea cup from Tokoname, Japan. A matte black exterior glaze is layered with bright turquoise gloss covering the interior and outside rim. Pair with your own pot for solo gong fu brewing, or with our Black Bamboo Handle teapot to build your own set.


  • Ocean Blue Tortoise Yunomi Tea Cup
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    Large tea cup from Tokoname, Japan. Textured with hexagonal facets and a dark blue glaze. Perfect to pair with your own pot for solo gong fu brewing.

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