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Gong Fu Cha

Literally translated as "tea with effort", Gong Fu Cha is one of the most traditional ways to brew Chinese teas. Whole leaves are brewed in a small teapot, and water is added to the same tea leaves several times. In effect, we think of this like brewing an espresso instead of a large pot of coffee - the process requires a bit more time and focus, but produces a more intense flavor.

  • Sandalwood Tea Scoop
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    Hand carved from rare sandalwood. The grain of the wood has a sage green to yellow tint, some marbled with blond hued streaks and darker "feathering". Each scoop is unique, not only in the grain of the wood but also the intricately hand carved handle.


  • Celadon String Server
    Sold out

    Hand-crafted light stoneware server coated with Xu De Xia's signature celadon glaze. The wide lip has two string wrapped handles that nestle into the hand while pouring, while tea gracefully flows off the expertly shaped lip. This server also features a lid, making it multifunctional...

  • Master Yixing, Style 546
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    Duanni (yellow) clay in a traditional 'stone ladle' shape, with delicate, subtle etching. The wide base of this pot allows plenty of room for rolled or twisted leaves to expand, while the opening remains wide enough to accommodate even large tea leaves.

    Each summer we...

  • Jingdezhen Gaiwan, Summer
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    We commissioned craftsman in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, to hand-craft these gaiwans for us.

    Our requirements were simple but specific: we wanted the gaiwans made from thin high fired porcelain - so thin, in fact, that they would appear translucent if held up against light. Their...

  • Basic Long Service Tray
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    Our basic tea service tray is perfectly versatile. Try lining with a tea towel and brewing a couple of rounds of gong fu cha, or simply using the tray to organize and keep your tea ware in one place.

    Crafted of honey-hued bamboo. A raised...

  • Jingdezhen Gaiwan, Spring
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    One of two paper porcelain gaiwans we commissioned from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. Hand-crafted of thin high-fired porcelain. Thin enough to appear translucent when held against the light.

    A sibling to the wider bodied Summer gaiwan, the Spring version is tall, with slightly more angular lines....

  • Electric Gram Scale
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    Our brewing instructions recommend measuring by the gram. With so many people asking about the scales we use in house, we ordered more this year so you can taste at home with the same accuracy we use in the shop. Stainless steel with a plastic...

  • Modern Ebony Tea Tray
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    A modern update to our favorite tray, the Modern Ebony tray has a broad polished surface, with a textured edge and intricately carved stylized characters on the tea server's side. Subtly carved into the edge of the rounded rectangular basin is a slim inlet that...

  • Celadon Gaiwan, Dark Clay
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    Steep in the understated elegance of this exquisitely hand-crafted celadon gaiwan. An unglazed lid top and darker edges bring a subtle rustic quality to contrast the gaiwan's lusturous, milky blue-green glaze, while also ingeniously making it easier to grip and maneuver. Beautiful to behold and...

  • Master Yixing, Style 549
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    Dark brown zisha clay crafted in a hexagonal shape that is carried through in the detail of the spout. Thick walls and an elevated base make this pot well suited for retaining heat when brewing darker teas like pu-erh.

    Each summer we travel to Jiangsu...

  • Jingdezhen Tasting Cup
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    Paper thin porcelain from Jingdezhen. These cups were especially selected not only for the quality of the porcelain used, but also the classic shape and size. Larger than the standard yixing tasting cups, but not so large that they throw off the balance when used...

  • Serenity Bamboo Set
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    A full tea service set for gong fu cha tea preparation. Crafted of white stoneware glazed with serene blue-green celadon.

    The bamboo motif is echoed in every piece. Raised bamboo leaf details the sides, and the brewing vessel features a lid top shaped like a...

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