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  • 5 Morning Teas Worth Waking Up For
  • Amy Covey
  • Tea Varieties
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5 Morning Teas Worth Waking Up For

5 Morning Teas Worth Waking Up For

Rolling out of a warm bed into the chilly dawn of a new day is a struggle most of us face every morning. Luckily, the promise of a steaming beverage can help us all stop slapping the snooze button and get on with starting the day. A dose of caffeine doesn’t hurt, either.

Coffee comes with the jitters, but the lower levels of caffeine in a cup of tea are balanced with L-Theanine, which evens the keel and helps create a relaxed-yet-focused state of mind, without the afternoon crash. Alternatively, cut the caffeine altogether, and try an herbal tea with invigorating flavor to jump-start your day. No matter which you choose, any of these teas will brew up both an energy boost and a taste worth getting out of bed for.

1. Formosa Red Assam, Mi Xiang

Taiwanese black tea is a flavorful alternative to bitter breakfast brews

Try this black tea to step up your English Breakfast game. Transplanted from India, these plants of the Assam variety are grown slowly in the relatively cool climate of Taiwan, where they develop deep, rich flavor without any hint of bitterness. In addition, this year’s crop is bitten by aphids, which create a natural sweet, honeyed aroma within the plant itself. We recommend tasting a sip before adding cream or sugar, since this tea tastes like they’re already included.

2. Ming Qian Dragonwell, Panan

Dragonwell leaves are best when they're picked in the spring while young and tender

Though green teas are often rumored to have less caffeine, the fresh spring leaves used to make this famous Chinese style are undeniably potent. Bright, grassy flavors are sure to energize the mind, while the soft, buttery texture offers balance and encourages focus. For an extra dose of healthy antioxidants, you can even eat the tender leaves after they’ve been brewed.

3. Jin Xuan

The Jin Xuan variety is sometimes called a Milk Oolong tea for its naturally creamy taste.

Floral and rich in flavor, this popular Taiwanese variety is another powerful yet balanced brew, with a crisp fragrance and a deep, lingering finish. Watch these rolled leaves unfurl as they steep during a meditative morning tea session, or throw some in a travel thermos and sip during a long commute. Utterly forgiving to brew, without astringency or bitterness, this tea is a flexible and uplifting option for any morning routine.

4. Tung Ting, Dark Roast

Roasted oolongs are very traditional, but rare in modern tea shops.

Cutting down on coffee can be difficult when you love not just the caffeine, but also the taste. Try this heavily roasted oolong tea to satisfy a craving for bold, rich flavor. The cream and sugar can stay in the cupboard - carbohydrates in the tea leaf are caramelized during the roasting process, and lend their natural sweetness to this versatile brew.

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5. Ginger Lemongrass

Ginger and lemongrass combine in this herbal blend to make an invigorating brew.

Go caffeine-free with this herbal infusion of ginger and lemongrass. Spicy ginger brings the zing (and aids digestion), while the crisp flavor of lemongrass gives this brew a fresh feeling. Steep in an infuser basket at home, or snag a canister of our pre-packed tea bags to take this tea on the road.

What’s your favorite morning brew? Are you captivated by coffee, taken by tea, or keeping it caffeine free? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Amy Covey
  • Tea Varieties

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