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The ubiquitous tea brewing vessel. Most popular for Chinese Gong Fu Cha are pots made from yixing clay, dedicated to one style of tea to season with use. However, glass or glazed ceramics are flavor neutral, and perfect for brewing a wide variety of styles.

  • Master Yixing, Style 528
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    This teapot is a large, nearly spherical shape made from reddish-brown clay, burnished to a shine, and fired to a high temperature. Compatible with all teas, though perhaps best suited for fragrant, rolled teas.

    Each summer we travel to Jiangsu - the province in which the...

  • Master Yixing, Style 522
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    Made from rare zisha clay in an exaggerated pear shape, this pot is highly burnished on the outside, while the interior is left with a natural texture. The porosity of this pot will round and soften the sharpness of charcoal roasted oolongs, while accentuating the tea's floral qualities.


  • Master Yixing, Style 523
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    This pot, made of dark clay, is designed in the shape of a squash, with subtle leaf and branch details surrounding the lid and spout. With a wide body and burnished exterior, this pot is suited to a wide range of teas.

    Each summer we travel...

  • Celadon Teapot, Reed Handle
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    This is one of Taiwanese ceramicist Xu De Jia's masterpieces. Hand-shaped tea pot in the style of a traditional Japanese kyusu. This is one of his few works using two different materials: the teapot is of dark clay, glazed in beautiful sky blue celadon. Attached...

  • Tianmu Teapot, Reed Handle
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    This is one of Taiwanese ceramicist Xu De Jia's masterpieces. Hand-shaped tea pot in the style of a traditional Japanese kyusu. This tianmu, or "hare's fur" glaze is a rarity among the artist's typical celadons. Attached to the teapot is a handle of carbonized reed, carefully...

  • Classic Celadon Teapot
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    A classically styled teapot from the studio of Xu De Jia, with an elegant thumb rest on the handle. The rich celadon glaze is applied to a white stoneware, emphasizing the crisp, clean design.

     As is the case for most Xu De Jia pieces, a fine...

  • Three-Footed Celadon Teapot
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    A unique teapot from the studio of Xu De Jia, with a pear-shaped body that echoes traditional yixing forms. The true elegance of this pot is in the details, from the delicately detailed handle to the unusual three-footed base. The rich celadon glaze is applied to a...

  • Master Yixing, Style 530
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    A unique double-barreled gourd shape in burnished red clay. The tall body of this pot combined with the rounded gourd form makes it a versatile pot that will allow any tea room to expand, but the high density clay will particularly suit aromatic oolongs.

    Each summer...

  • Master Yixing, Style 531
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    A broad-bodied pot with a wide lid that makes it easy to load and clean. The sturdy form of this pot is accented by bamboo details on the body, lid, spout and handle. Perfect for a variety of teas, but we this this pot would work...

  • Master Yixing, Style 532
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    A tall pot in dark clay with delicate plum blossom details. This is a beautiful pot that can be used with any style of tea, but the tall, rounded shape would be especially well suited to fragrant oolongs that need lots of room for expansion.


  • Master Yixing, Style 533
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    A large, flat pot in dark red clay, perfect for serving a group or pouring a big mug. The broad shape of this teapot would make it ideal for pressed tea leaves like pu-erhs, or for long, twisted oolongs or black teas. Bamboo details add...

  • Celadon Teapot, Style 12
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    A signature style hand made teapot from Taiwanese ceramicist Xu De Jia, made of dark stoneware thickly coated with celadon glaze to create a rich, soft blue hue.

    A beautiful side effect of a lighter glaze over darker clay is the thin band of caramel brown...

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