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Gong Fu Cha Basics

Try your hand at the traditional method of brewing Chinese teas with these essential pieces. Get started quickly with a complete tea set, or build a custom collection with our classic pieces. Then select one of our tea sampler collections and brew your very own tea tasting flight!

  • Octagonal Tea Tray & Travel Kit
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    Cultivate a moment of true tranquility anywhere, at any occasion through a perfectly brewed cup of tea with this travel tea set. Crafted with honey-finished bamboo, this octagonal tray hides a second layer for storage of your gaiwan, server, and four tasting cups.

    The Chinese character...

  • Jingdezhen Gaiwan, Spring
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    One of two paper porcelain gaiwans we commissioned from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. Hand-crafted of thin high-fired porcelain. Thin enough to appear translucent when held against the light.

    A sibling to the wider bodied Summer gaiwan, the Spring version is tall, with slightly more angular lines....

  • The Discovery Collection
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    The Discovery Collection is a collection of our favorite teas. We intended the collection as our welcome pack for those discovering our loose leaf teas for the first time, but we're sure the selection would please even the tea connoisseur. Included in the Discovery Collection four 1 ounce bags of tea, ranging from light to dark, including teas from different regions, representing different crafting styles and flavor profiles. There's a small card in the collection...

  • Artisan Yixing, Style 641
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    A spherical zisha pot with a precise pour.The round and balanced shape of this pot makes it perfect for any type of tea.

    Each summer we travel to Jiangsu - the province in which the city of Yixing is located - to hand select our...

  • Classic Glass Server
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    This is our default server, one that we use day in and day out at the shop. Shaped perfectly to catch sediment when poured slowly, with a perfectly shaped spout that minimizes drip. Crafted of thick borosilicate glass that is twice the weight and density...

  • Jingdezhen Tasting Cup
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    Paper thin porcelain from Jingdezhen. These cups were especially selected not only for the quality of the porcelain used, but also the classic shape and size. Larger than the standard yixing tasting cups, but not so large that they throw off the balance when used...

  • Yixing Tasting Cup
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    These are our shop cups, used for all the tastings that we conduct day in and day out. They're pretty basic: crafted of yixing clay, then given a pure white glaze on the inside. For use with your own gong fu cha preparation.

  • The Integral Tea Utensil Set
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    There is a quiet refinement in pure simplicity.

    This three piece utensil set features clean lines and a scoop carved from sustainable bamboo - design direct from nature itself to nurture a quiet tea mind.

    Set contains all the essential pieces for traditional gong fu...

  • Premium Collection
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    Our Premium Collection makes the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. With a wide variety of styles from traditional tea-producing regions in China and Taiwan, this collection covers the full range of flavor profiles and offers a premium selection of each type of tea. Along with the tea, we've included a brewing instruction card along with a description of each tea. Everything is beautifully packaged in an impressive red gift box. We...

  • Round Wooden Trivet
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    Wooden trivets are perfectly sized for our selection of small tasting cups.

    The round trivet is carved from wood, finished in a walnut tone. Each wood trivet is comparable in size, detail and finish.

  • Electric Gram Scale
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    Our brewing instructions recommend measuring by the gram. With so many people asking about the scales we use in house, we ordered more this year so you can taste at home with the same accuracy we use in the shop. Stainless steel with a plastic...

  • Jingdezhen Gaiwan, Summer
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    We commissioned craftsman in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, to hand-craft these gaiwans for us.

    Our requirements were simple but specific: we wanted the gaiwans made from thin high fired porcelain - so thin, in fact, that they would appear translucent if held up against light. Their...

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