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Whether you drink your tea in bags, infuser baskets, or yixing pots, these accessories can help enhance your tea brewing experience.

  • Modern Glass Server
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    A sleek, minimal glass pitcher designed with gong fu cha in mind. The large capacity makes this server ideal for combining infusions or serving groups, while the precisely pointed spout offers a pour without dribbles. Crafted of thick borosilicate glass that is twice the weight...

  • White Tea Dish
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    A simple and beautifully shaped vessel for holding your tea leaves. We use it at the shop as a presentation dish to show the tea before brewing. For gong fu cha, the tea dish is an elegant intermediary between a canister of tea and the...

  • Digital Tea Scale
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    Easy to use, with an unbranded matte black design, this minimalist scale is perfect for portioning premium tea leaves for gongfu brewing. The scale is accurate to 0.01 grams, with a maximum capacity of 100 grams, and will quickly become an invaluable tool in your pursuit of...

  • Cherrywood Tea Scoop
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    Tea scoop carved from cherry wood, in a finish that accentuates the color of tea leaves.

    Scoop your tea leaves with peace of mind that even the most delicate tea leaves will receive gentle treatment.

  • Bamboo Tea Tongs
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    Tongs crafted from bamboo make it easy to handle small cups or reach into the narrow opening of a yixing teapot.

  • Leaf Strainer
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    Leaf Strainer


    Our Leaf Strainer is an elegant and completely unique way to filter your loose leaf tea when brewing gongfu-style or decanting into a mug. Crafted from...

  • Tea Sachets
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    Tea Sachets


    Our packable Tea Sachets make it easy to enjoy your favorite whole leaf teas with all the convenience of a tea bag. Crafted from a premium, plant-based material, our Tea Sachets won't alter the taste of your tea and they're even compostable after use! To...

  • Yixing Tea Tray
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    This traditional tea tray, made of unglazed Yixing clay, is designed to trap rinse water while brewing gong fu cha. Rather than holding the pot above the water level, like most modern tea trays, this large dish collects water around the teapot, helping...

  • Long Bamboo Service Tray
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    Our basic tea service tray is perfectly versatile. Try lining with a tea towel and brewing a couple of rounds of gong fu cha, or simply using the tray to organize and keep your tea ware in one place.

    Crafted of honey-hued bamboo. A raised...

  • Ru Kiln Server: Series 1
    Sold out

    Inspired by the Imperial Ru Kilns of China's Song Dynasty, this Ru Kiln Server was crafted by Xu Chun Tian (son of nationally acclaimed Taiwanese master ceramicist, Xu De Jia) and features a classic qing-colored glaze on a dark clay body.

    As with all of our celadon pieces in the Song Kiln Collection,...

  • Purple Bamboo Matcha Whisk
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    An ultra-premium matcha whisk, handcrafted with 120 tines from rare purple bamboo for the finest and frothiest bowl of matcha. Pair with our purple bamboo matcha scoop, tea bowls, and matcha.

    Whisks are crafted from natural purple bamboo;...

  • Ru Kiln Lotus Tray: Large
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    Part of our Song Kiln Collection, this Taiwanese-style cha cheng is inspired by the celadon ware of the Song Dynasty's Imperial Ru Kiln.


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